Software Engineer Australia

261313 Roles and Responsibilities

Software Engineer Australia Migration ANZSCO 261313:

Software Engineer Australia Migration  ANZSCO 261313:


Designs, develops, modifies, documents, tests, implements, installs and supports software applications and systems.

Skill Level


Alternative Titles


Group: 2613 Software and Applications Programmers


design, develop, test, maintain and document program code in accordance with user requirements, and system and technical specifications.


  • researching, consulting, analysing and evaluating system program needs
  • identifying technology limitations and deficiencies in existing systems and associated processes, procedures and methods
  • testing, debugging, diagnosing and correcting errors and faults in an applications programming language within established testing protocols, guidelines and quality standards to ensure programs and applications perform to specification
  • writing and maintaining program code to meet system requirements, system designs and technical specifications in accordance with quality accredited standards
  • writing, updating and maintaining technical program, end user documentation and operational procedures
  • providing advice, guidance and expertise in developing proposals and strategies for software design activities such as financial evaluation and costings for recommending software purchases and upgrades

Skill Level

Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. At least five years of relevant experience and/or relevant vendor certification may substitute for the formal qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Occupations in this Group: Software Engineer Australia Migration

Software Engineer Australia Migration | ANZSCO 261313 | Description of Closely Related Core ICT Units (as given by Australian Computer Society):

  • Algorithm design and development • Compilers – (Compiler Construction, Compiler Theory) • Data structures • Formal languages – (Formal Methods, Functional Programming) • Human Computer Interaction • Object Oriented Programming • Operating systems – (Unix, Linux, Xenix, Network OS) • Programming – (C, C++, Objective C, Visual C, Basic, Visual Basic, Java, Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, PL/1, Fortran, PHP, Pearl, AS3, FoxPro, and similar) • Software Engineering • Systems Programming • Testing strategies and methods – (Software Testing)

Software Engineer Australia Migration | ANZSCO 261313 | Description of Additional Closely Related ICT Units (as given by Australian Computer Society):

  • Artificial intelligence • Automata theory • Business Information Systems • Computer Science • Critical Path Method • Database design, Database implementation • Database Management Systems – (Relational Database, Object Oriented Database, RDBMS) • Expert Systems • File Processing • Information Systems • Introduction to ICT – (Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Theory, Introduction to Business Computing, Computer Science I) • Introduction to Information Systems • Management Information Systems • Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design • Object Oriented technologies • Project Management • Quality management – (Quality Assurance, Software Quality) • Requirements gathering • Software validation – (Software Testing) • Structure of languages • Systems Analysis and Design • Telematics • User Requirements Definition • Web Engineering – (Web Design, Internet Engineering)

Software Engineer Australia Migration | ANZSCO 261313 | Australia Job prospects for Software and Applications Programmers (according to Australian Department of Employment):

As published by Australian Department of Employment

  • “Over the five years to November 2019, the number of job openings for Software and Applications Programmers is expected to be above average (between 25,001 and 50,000).
  • Employment for this occupation rose very strongly (in percentage terms) in the past five years and rose strongly in the long-term (ten years). Looking forward, employment for Software and Applications Programmers to November 2020 is expected to grow very strongly.
  • This is a very large occupation (98,300 in November 2015) suggesting that opportunities should be available in most regions.
  • Software and Applications Programmers have a high proportion of full-time jobs (92.4 per cent). For Software and Applications Programmers working full-time, average weekly hours are 38.7 (compared to 40.2 for all occupations) and earnings are high – in the ninth decile. Unemployment for Software and Applications Programmers is below average.
  • The most common level of educational attainment for Software and Applications Programmers is Bachelor degree (61.4 per cent).
  • Software and Applications Programmers are mainly employed in: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Financial and Insurance Services; and Public Administration and Safety.”

Software Engineer Australia Migration | ANZSCO 261313 | Possible job titles:

  • Application Developer, Application Integration Engineer, Applications Developer, Computer Consultant, Information Technology Analyst (IT Analyst), Software Architect, Software Developer, Software Development Engineer, Software Engineer, Technical Consultant

Software Engineer Australia Migration | ANZSCO 261313 | Related Links:


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