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Start your Australian immigration process using honest and trusted services of one of the best MARA registered Australian immigration agents. Skilled Migration Consultants Pvt Ltd and Visa Help Australia Pty Ltd provide expert Australian immigration advice and visa application services to improve your chances for a successful visa outcome.

Australian Visa

We can assist with all types of Australian visa applications including:

  • Australian Skilled Migration

    Australian Skilled Migration Visas

    The Australian Skilled Migration Visa Program aims attract highly skilled people for migration to Australia. The General Skilled Migration program attracts skilled workers, who are not sponsored by an employer and have skills in particular occupations required in Australia.

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  • Australian Employer Nomination

    Australian Employer Nomination Visa

    The Subclass 186 visa under Australian Employer Nomination Scheme is an Australian permanent residency visa for skilled workers, who want to work in Australia.

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  • Australian Partner Visa

    Australian Partner Visa

    Australian Partner Visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to travel to and live in Australia.

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Why Select Skilled Migration Consultants

Why Select Us?

1. Improving your chances for a successful visa outcome: Australian migration law is complex and constantly changing. Skilled Migration Consultants will increase your chances of a successful visa application outcome; 2. Professional assistance by a registered migration agent: As a registered migration agent, Skilled Migration Consultants will provide a professional and reliable assistance to achieve your Australian migration. 3. Decision ready applications will save time: Engaging the services of Skilled Migration Consultants will assist the decision-maker to make a decision quickly. 4. Minimising your risk to achieve your abroad ambition; 5. Affordable service fees: Our service fees are affordable and are fixed.

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  • "Dr. Anna is the best possible person you can trust…  Very Professional, ethical, fast and responsive…"

    "It is imperative that you would have searched dozen sites and blogs for the 'Best Migration Agent' to handle your unique case. You are not alone. First things first… The reason you are reading this testimonial is that you are searching for the trusted agent, with whom you can share all your details and also get the feeling that you will get the PR. Since you have not got anyone till now, continue reading. Dr. Anna is the best possible person you can trust to ensure that he represents you at the best. Note:  As per the Migration Agent code of conduct, no person should guarantee the PR. If any one does, it is not correct. Dr. Anna takes very pragmatic, professional approach for each of the case as very unique case. He understands that how important is PR for the client. Very Professional, ethical, fast and responsive to the stupidest (you may think it is stupid) question. He always replies with the answer, which is correct, legal. He doesn’t please the client, by showering false promises. So, should you go ahead and ask Dr. Anna to process your PR based on these testimonials? You may think twice. But look at his studies and degrees. Amazing. It’s the simple fact that knowledgeable persons are rare to see these days and Dr. Anna is GEM of that lot. Trust Anna. I got my PR in flat 100 days from the time I took the PTE exam. The journey has been quite fast from 17th Dec 2015 to 24th March 2016 (Grant). In fact, if I take the date of ACS submission, I would say that ACS, EOI and Grant were completed in 60 days flat. This implies that your documents should be clean and Dr. Anna would ensure that you give the required documents. Wishing you all the very best and see you soon in Australia."

    Guru, India - Skilled Independent Visa

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    Best Migration Agent | Australia

  • “Looking for a guide to help you file Permanent Residency in Australia – Anna beats everyone in all aspects!!”

    "First and foremost I would like to thank Anna for being so professional and honest– He does what he says unlike others who make false promises. He works as a step to step guide and helps you in all given situation. I personally believe that the entire process wouldn’t have been so smooth and hassle free if Anna wasn’t involved and maybe, I would have left hope for applying a PR, if he hadn’t accessed my case and provided honest opinion and support throughout. I had prior work experience in Australia (Subclass 457) for around 2 years and when I returned back to India, I wanted to apply for Subclass 189. People around me suggested doing it myself without help of any agent but believe me; the suggestion was because they probably had never come across someone like Anna. Anna is very prompt and deals with your queries very patiently. To be honest, I was apprehensive of choosing an agent sitting in Australia and helping me through the entire process. I am person who felt, dealing with agents should be done eye to eye. But believe me, I never felt Anna was ever far away. His availability to your queries or checks is excellent. He at times goes beyond the call his duty to help you in the best possible way. My entire experience with Anna made me feel confident and convincing."
    Vikash, IT Consultant, India - Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent visa – 23 Feb 2016
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    Permanent Residency in Australia

  • “We could not have been more impressed with the standard and quality of your service.”

    "Our Sincere and heartfelt thanks to Anna for helping us secure our permanent residency visa. We could not have been more impressed with the standard and quality of your service. From the beginning to end you are always be there to answer to all our questions and keep us informed at all the stages. You have given us with the right information and updates about the immigration rules. We found you always friendly and approachable, professional, and extremely knowledgeable person in the visa process. I would definitely recommend Anna to whoever looking for Professional Service with Ethics. Thank you so much Anna."

    Nagarajan, Hyderabad - Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent visa – 21 Feb 2016

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    Permanent Residency Visa

  • “He is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity.”

    “It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Annathurai Gnanasambandam. Dr Anna’s professional assistance in filing my visa application and then taking it to the visa grant in the very short span of time was remarkable piece of work. I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity. I got introduced to Dr. Anna from MARA website (https://www.mara.gov.au/) and luckily I selected Dr Anna among all the listed one. I was living outside of India and was bit confused how well this process will go through. The best part of our visa journey was consistent connectivity over email and Whatsapp messages to clarify various queries. He helped and counselled us very patiently from his acquired knowledge from start to finish of our PR application process. He is a very professional in his work and I’d highly recommend Dr. Anna for any immigration and visa related services. Thank you Dr. Anna for your wonderful visa counselling and help.”

    Sumit, South Korea - Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent visa – 02 March 2016

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    PR Application Process

  • “He is very knowledgeable and a very friendly person. His approach toward the case is very honest and professional. "

    “I found Anna’s reference from the internet and right after my first call with Anna, I realised that he had got great knowledge about immigration process. After an initial consultation, Anna sent me all the details I needed via an email which was more like a road map to getting the Visa. His knowledge of immigration legislation and what supporting documentation is required was second to none. He walked us through the entire process, step by step. In terms of documentation Anna was very thorough and always one step ahead. His response time for any query that we had was amazing. We are very delighted to have got our Visa now. We are thankful to him for all the help and advice he had rendered. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna and his services to anyone who requires some one knowledgeable and honest to handle their case.”

    Mr. Srivastava, India - Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent Visa – 6 March 2016

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    Immigration Process | Australia

  • “Best Visa Advisor!!!”

    “If you have stumbled upon this piece of text, while researching for hours on the internet looking for the right agent to guide you for your visa application (Just like me), look no further!! This may sound like an old commercial, but, this is the most sincere piece of text I’ve written in a long time. I am writing this for two reasons: a.) Anna is the best person to give any visa advice. b.) For anyone out there like me, who spends a lot of time and thought to “find” and then “decide”, if the agent/site they found is someone they can trust? In case of Anna at www.visahelpaustralia.com.au, like many other of his delighted clients, I say a resounding “Yes”. After talking to Anna for the first time, I knew my application is in safe hands. He is very honest with his advice and pragmatic in his approach. He always kept me well informed throughout my application. It might seem that I know Anna personally, but as a matter of fact I still haven’t got the opportunity to meet him. He handled my application entirely online, and did a great job with it. Anna is very professional and organized with his work. He has a very quick turnaround. I wish this helps anyone else out there to confidently start their visa process with a highly qualified and skilled professional like Anna.”

    Prasad, India - Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent Visa – 21 March 2016

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    Best Visa Advisor | Australia

  • “He is a very professional person whom we can trust.”

    “Annathurai is a thorough professional and expert in handling immigration cases to  Australia.

    From the day one, he was very much engaged with my subclass 189 visa application and started sharing all the sample documents. Before receiving these samples, I had a good number  of questions regarding the documentation that needs to be prepared from my end. But  after seeing all these sample documents I left out with no questions and clarifications. I  was able to prepare all the required documents for submissions with ease. Finally with  all his effort and support I got my PR along with my family.

    I strongly recommend Annathurai to anyone who would like to apply for Subclass 189 Australian Visa. He promptly responds to all the questions and provides support. He is a very professional person whom we can trust. I am from India and Annathurai supported me from Australia. Though we are in different geographic locations, he was very much connected to me with email and WhatsApp.

    I am very glad that I was associated with him. I am sure this whole PR process would have been very difficult if I would have not been associated with Annathurai.”

     Venkatesh, Chennai, India - Subclass 189 - Skilled Independent visa – Jan 2016

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    Subclass 189 visa application | Australia

  • “I am absolutely delighted with his professional advice and prompt response to my queries”

    "I find the Australian migration system as very complex and hard to understand. A friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Annathurai.

    I am absolutely delighted with his professional advice and prompt response to my queries. He has been very helpful and patient on all my queries: from documentations (for professional association for skill attestation) to obtaining police certificates from various countries that I resided in before coming to Australia.

    His knowledge of the various procedures and required documentation of the migration system allowed me to obtain my visa within 3 months of lodging my EOI. But, it is his advice throughout the process that assured me that my migration to Australia was a smooth journey."

    Jonathan, Sydney, Australia: Subclass 189 visa - January 2016

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    Australian migration

  • “Anna is the most patient migration agent I have ever met."

    "I am so delightful to give a testimonial for Anna as I am really grateful to Anna for his help. I came to know Anna through one of my close friends. Anna has such a friendly approach, we mainly contacted through emails and phone calls and he always clarified all my queries in such a calmly manner. Anna is the most patient migration agent I have ever met. I cannot thank Anna enough for all the hard yard he put into my application. I will definitely recommend Anna to all my friends, whoever needs any sort of assistance with Australian visas. I am really really happy and grateful to Anna for his service. Thank you so much Anna! You are the best!"

    Pardeep, Stawell, Victoria, RSMS visa – January 2016

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    Migration agent

  • “Honest & straightforward in his opinions”

    “My quest to obtain an Australian visa started by a quick visit to the nearest immigration consultants. Their charges were high and at the same time they could not convince me enough. So I went back to Google.

    That's when I came across a breed of humans called MARA agents, who were Australian government authorised immigration service providers. Hmmm, this sounded the most foolproof way of ensuring one is not duped during this process.

    I tried contacting all of them and then finally decided to take the services of Anna. During the entire process Anna has been a true professional, promptly responding to mails, WhatsApp messages and returning calls. All his mails contain step wise action items and pointers which helped me plan and arrange for the required documents well in advance. I should also add that he is open to listening to your views, queries & concerns which makes one really comfortable & confident that he knows his stuff.

    In summary one should select Anna as immigration agent for the following reasons: Honest & straightforward in his opinions, Only takes up cases which he is sure of converting, Listens to the customer's queries, and of course the financials: service fees is split into 2 parts and requests the full amount only when the candidate obtains VISA grant”

    Shankar, Bangalore - Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa – December 2015

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    MARA agents | Australian PR

  •  “Anna is not just a PR visa consultant but a true well-wisher.”

    "For me Anna is not just a PR visa consultant but a true well-wisher. I was stuck in a dilemma whether to go for subclass 189 or 190. It was then that I approached Anna to guide me through the PR Visa process.

    He has offered a truly professional service with a personal touch. He made sure to answer each and every query of mine, with same enthusiasm no matter how silly the questions might have been. He never over promised anything and gave a very realistic response with sound reasoning.

    Anna made sure that proper time and attention was given to each and every aspect of the application so that the best possible outcome could be obtained. I would highly recommend Anna's service to anyone thinking or planning for an Australian PR visa. Thank you Anna once again for all your support and guidance.”

    Anupam, Mumbai, India - Subclass 189 - Skilled Independent visa

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    PR visa consultant | Australia