ACS skills assessment

ACS skills assessment

ACS Skills assessment for Australian Migration

The ACS skills assessment for Australian Skilled Migration is conducted by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), which is the professional association for Australia’s ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) was formed on 1 January 1966.

ACS Membership

The ACS has over 22,000 members. Membership is open to Individuals over 16 years of age who are engaged in or training for ICT practice which, either directly or indirectly, uses their ICT knowledge, skills and experience can become a member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

There are four ACS membership grades:

  • Associate
  • Member
  • Senior Member
  • Fellow

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ACS Skills assessment

The ACS skills assessment will assess whether your educational qualifications and work experience are at a professional ICT level and closely related to the nominated occupation for Australian migration purposes.

ACS Skills assessment – Skilled independent visa – Subclass 189

The ACS conducts skills assessment for the following 6 ANZSCO codes for skilled independent applicants. Temporary Graduate 485 skills assessments applicants should only apply for for the following 6 ANZSCO codes listed below:

ACS Skills assessment – Skilled sponsored visa – Subclass 190

ACS assesses the following occupations for nominated or sponsorship applicants.

ACS application types for ACS skills assessment

The following four ACS application types are available for ACS skills assessment for migration purposes:

  1. Temporary Graduate – 485 Skills Assessment is a ‘qualification only’ skills assessment – For graduates that have competed an Australian Bachelor degree or higher and wish to apply for a 485 visa. This is and can only be used to apply for a subclass 485 visa.
  2. Post Australian Study Skills Assessment is for graduates who have completed an Australian Bachelor degree or higher and would like a skill assessment for migration purposes in general. They will need Relevant ICT employment or completion of an ACS Professional Year program.
  3. Skills Assessment is a general skills assessment application to assess your tertiary ICT qualifications and ICT employment.
  4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is for applicants with qualifications with no or insufficient ICT, or applicants having no tertiary qualifications. The applicants will require 6 years of full time professional ICT work experience in a field closely related to the nominated ANZSCO Code if they hold a Non ICT or insufficient ICT qualification and 8 years if they do not have any qualifications.

  ACS skills assessment – Useful resources

  • Migration Agent Login
  • To find a migration agent: Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)
  • Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants
  • Summary of Criteria
  • ANZSCO Code Descriptions
  • ACS Application Check List
  • How to Upload Additional Documents for ACS skills assessment
  • ACS Review and Appeal Guide
  • ACS Core Body of Knowledge for ICT Professionals (CBOK)
  • Frequently asked Questions – ACS
    • ANZSCO Codes – FAQs
    • Qualification – FAQs
    • Temporary Graduate – 485 FAQs
    • Post Australian Study
    • Employment – FAQs
    • Priority Service – FAQs
    • Making an Application – FAQs
    • Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL
  • Checking your ACS application status
  • ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form- (MS Word) – to be completed as part of a Recognition of Prior Learning Application only
  • Migration Agent Authorisation Form(PDF)
  • Migration Agent Password Re-Set(PDF)
  • Review and Appeal Guide(PDF)
  • How to Upload Additional Documents(PDF)
  • How to Upload an ACS Professional Year Program Certificate(PDF)
  • Understanding the ACS Result Letter – 2014(PDF)
  • Skills Assessment Password Process(PDF)

Contacting ACS skills assessment team:

  • Email
  • Phone
    • Phone: +61 (0)2 9299 3666 (between  9.30am -12.30pm AEDST)

ACS skills assessment fees and charges

Application Type Fee in AUD
Temporary Graduate – 485 Skills Assessment $475
Post Australian Study Skills Assessment $500
Skills (general application) $500
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) $550
Review Application $395
Appeal Application $395

Accepted credit cards for ACS skills assessment:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express



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