State Nomination | Australian Immigration

State Nomination | Australian immigration

State Nomination | Australian Immigration:

If you want to apply for subclass 190 visa (sponsored permanent residency visa) or 489 visa (which is a sponsored temporary visa with a pathway to PR, if you meet certain requirements) in the skilled migration program, you will need to get nomination from a state.

For state sponsored visa, you will need to get a state sponsorship. Each state will sponsor different occupations at different times based on their requirements. Each state will also have their own specific requirements. Generally, getting a state sponsorship is not guaranteed.

Please go through the following links and find out which state is sponsoring the occupations in the CSOL:

State Nomination | Australian Immigration:

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State and Territory Governments nominate intending migrants using Skill Select, however each state or territory government has their own process for identifying and selecting migrants.  We recommend that you contact the state or territory government you are seeking nomination from to discuss their requirements.  Links to each of the state and territory governments are below.

State Nomination | Australian Immigration: Australian Capital Territory

State Nomination | Australian Immigration: New South Wales

State Nomination | Australian Immigration: Northern Territory

State Nomination | Australian Immigration: Queensland

State Nomination | Australian Immigration: South Australia

State Nomination for Australian Immigration: Tasmania

State Nomination for Australian Immigration: Victoria

State Nomination for Australian Immigration: Western Australia
Skilled visas www.migration.wa.gov.au/services/skilled-migration-wa

As states change their occupation list on a regular basis, it is better for you to have these links so that you can visit them to find whether a particular state is sponsoring your occupation.

For further information on 489 visa: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/489-

For further information on subclass 190 visa: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/190-


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He goes about the whole process very methodically, be it in terms of timelines, fees or prompt response. You can trust him with all your details and take his personal opinion as a friend. Not once, I got a mail from DIBP/IMMI asking me for additional documents or clarifications on documents that I submitted, thanks to Anna for the way he has reviewed the documents to perfection and submitted them. He doesn’t usually takes cases if he believes you are not an ideal candidate for clearing the whole process; he tells you up-front if you are an eligible candidate and once he believes that you can clear all stages of the process, if not always, more often than not you will get it. You just need be prompt in responding to his mails and give an ear to his advice; he will take care of the rest for you. A Perfect gentleman and very professional. And by the time the process is over, from a stranger, he will become your friend and the one who changed your life forever in a positive way.

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Mr. Sribalaji, PR VISA 189 – 2016

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