Australian PR Visa

Australian PR Visa

June Email Content (25.06.2017 to 01.07.2017)

Hi there, I am a dental technician from the UK who is visiting the Gold Coast Coolangatta on an Australian working holiday visa. I am living with my cousin and I am looking for Australian permanent residency. I have 3 laboratories that want me to work for them, 1 being a managerial role in the next 1-2 years but they are not willing to sponsor me due to the changes in Australian immigration laws and the expense. So, I’m going to apply for skilled 189 visa. As I was born in England do I need to take an IELTS test to boost my points. Also, where can I take the skills assessment test for dental technology. Would you advise going through an Australian immigration agent to sort everything out for me. Any advice would be great.


Subject: Australia PR

Sir, need your guidance for getting Australian PR visa (189).


I was a student in Melbourne for a few years and then headed back. My circumstances recently changed and I wanted to look at my options of moving back to Australia. Please get back to me regarding Australian PR. Thanks.


Subject: Information for Australian PR visa

Dear sir, I’m from Mauritius. I’m writing you this letter regarding Australian visa matters and for an appointment. In fact, my wife is studying in Melbourne. I will be much grateful to you if you select an appointment as soon.


Hi Team,

I want to apply for Australian PR visa (Skilled Independent Visa 189).

Please find attachment contains all my details like experience in Australia, India, Qualifications and IELTs score.

Please check my details and spouse details and clarify weather I am eligible for this visa or not?

I very much interested to migrate for Australia.

Please check and advice your Hyderabad team for further processing.


I would like to get information on working & settling to Australia thru proper work permit/ visa/ PR.

Can I know the details regarding an Australian PR visa?


I am planning for Australia migration through PR. I took the IELTS in Apr 2017 and got overall score 6. I have work experience of around 8 years in IT as a SQL Server Database Administrator.

Can you please share the Australia immigration process and what all information you need to evaluate my eligibility for the PR application?


I am ————- 5th semester BCA student at Symbiosis international university. I would like to apply for permanent visa to Australia, because I am not able to go back as the situation of my country is not good. I would request you to please guide me what is the process and total amount to be paid for Australian permanent visa…and how long time it will take.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon


I hold Indian valid passport. I got divorce under Indian Judiciary in May 2016 with mutual understanding. I have — years old daughter whose custody is with me and my ex-husband has visitation rights, whereas since our divorce he never visited to see my daughter.

Now I got the proposal for remarriage and that guy is settled in Australia. I need to check how me and daughter both can get the visa for Australia. Do I need to take any NOC from my ex-husband to apply for Visa for my daughter?

If I am unable to take the NOC what is way out for the same Because if me and my daughter both will get visa only then I will take initiate for remarriage proposal.

Your help in this regard would be highly appreciated.


Subject: Immigration to Australia – Australian PR Visa

Hi, I wanted to discuss possibilities of Migrating to Australia, the procedure and job opportunities. Kindly mail or contact. Discussion with expert in the field will be appreciated.


I got this email-id from the website of yours.

I would like to get in touch with you for preparing the CDR for Australian Migration scheme. Please explain with details (documents you need, services you provide and the amount and payment method)


This is regarding VISA application for PR in Australia.

Kindly reach out to me.


I am from Egypt and I want to move to Australia. I am 37 years old and single.

I need to know my possibility to move there with an Australian PR Visa.


I am writing to you in regards of consultation to immigration Australia. Professionally I am an engineer with 5 years of experience. I had given IELTS academic test in which I secured 6.5 overall bands (none below 6 bands)

I am looking for job in Australia as my occupation is listed is SOL hence please help in this regard.


I wish to procure information on the parent visa for Australia.

I wish to apply for contributory parent’s visa for my parents in law residing in Chennai, My husband and sister in law are Australian citizens who can sponsor their visa.

Please advise if you provide services to support their application. If yes, please provide further details. We could provide our contact information post your confirmation. Thanks


I am working in IT for the past 6 years. Currently looking to apply for Australian PR. Please consider my details below.

  1. Tech University 2011 pass out

Please let me know if you need more information.


I am a Tunisian sound technician. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Engineering as well as seven years of experience working as a sound technician.

Please see the attached.


I am currently working in —— Technology, having 10+ yrs. of experience.

I am in Sydney (visa 457) from last 2 months (April 2017) working for an Australia client.

Can you let me know what is the process to apply for Australia PR for me and my family (spouse and 5 yrs kid)?


I would like to apply an Australian PR work visa. Can you assist me and I’m I eligible for the visa?


Please contact to discuss about Australia PR visa.


I am working as a Junior sous chef in Qatar duty free for the past 3 years and 3 months. Recently, I received positive outcome for my trade occupation “Chef “for general skilled migration.

I am trying for both Work visa and PR visa. Please see my attached file for your reference. Kindly guide me.


I currently work with Cochin shipyard and would like to migrate to Australia for the better opportunities and to sharpen my career.

I am hereby attaching my resume for your reference. Please do consider me and kindly let me know about the migration process.


I am having 489 Skilled state sponsored regional visa of Western Australian Government. But i have not used this visa to fulfil the condition’s which required for applying permanent Visa. Means i just migrated for 3 months only but condition of my 489 types of visa is that I must live for 2 years in regional areas of WA. I am considering for applying permanent visa.

Can you people help me to solve my query

I am attaching my visa copy for your information.


I am currently pursuing my Masters in ——. I tried calling you guys today as I wanted to discuss a few things but the call did not go through. I want to discuss about my as well as my sister’s permanent residency options and process with your consultants. Was wondering how can I book a consultation with them. Please me know.


I am interested to migrate to Australia, would like to meet you in person. Please let me know the suitable time and venue.

I have applied for Australian Student Visa (Subsequent Entrant) (subclass 500) on 20th March 2017 through Immi Account and application received date was March 2017. My husband is a Master’s student in Australia.

Even after stipulated time mentioned on the website (68 days), Visa status is just ‘Received’. I have sent many emails to enquiry-india@border.gov.au before, but they were not responded. I want to know what can be done this visa application, as it is taking time to go in the ‘processing’ status. It’s been approximately 3 months (90 days) now for my application and I haven’t received anything from Australian High Commission, Delhi.

Me and my husband are already facing many challenges in the long-distance relationship and thus there is urgency and hence I request you to advise what to do in this situation. Will filing of Tourist Visa is ok if I want to meet my husband early?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Subject: Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

I would like to understand if you can consult me for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189). Please get back to me over email if you can help me with the entire PR visa application process.


I am representing my Daughter who is currently studying in Melbourne, Australia.

After consulting with the education consultants, I learnt that if my daughter had to apply for Australian PR it is best to do a PR assessment initially.  My daughter is currently unemployed but should be able to get a post-study work visa for 2 years. The reason we decided to apply for PR is because all available jobs for my daughter does demand PR / Citizenship as the foremost requirement and this even stops applying for any job.  Currently without a permanent job at hand I would like to know the chances of getting a PR only based on other attributes such as MS Degree, Age, IELTS score (to attempt again), Internship grades, sponsorship from a PR/Citizen relative etc.  If the chances are good I would like to attempt a PR assessment.

I also would like to find out any such service available in your consultancy.

If so, how can we go about it, whether the assessment can be done from Bangalore or does it have to be an attorney from Australia?

As mentioned above I have my cousin sister (living in NSW for 23 years) is ready to sponsor my daughter for the PR.  Please advise how can I go about the entire procedure and what can be the estimated time and cost until attaining the PR.

I have not met Dr. Annadurai but do hear many honest reviews.

Based on your reply I will make a visit to discuss further details.


I am from Pakistan, planning to do Masters in Business Analytics from DEAKIN University. Will it be considered for SOL ICT Business Analyst or I’m just wasting my time and money? If not than which Program would you suggest me to fall in Business Analyst Profession. And, please elaborate about required points for PR. Your quick response will be appreciated.


I am looking for Australian Visa and need to clear my PTE. I am wondering if you can help me to get desired result? I am in Pune.


I would like to seek consultation if I am qualified for this.   I am a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate in University of San Jose-Recoletos, Cebu City, Philippines.


Hello, I am from Hyderabad, this is a mail regarding the Australian PR visa, I would like to know info about the requirements for Australian PR.

I am 32 years married with a baby of age one and half.

I have done my Master’s in Business Administration with HR as major, passed out 2008, but I have no relevant experience, I worked in a school both as a teacher and a recruiter for about 3 years. I have my own brother in Australia who is a PR holder works for Australian council and has his own business there in Melbourne.

Can u tell me whether I am eligible to get an Australian PR.

Hope you will mail me the details.


I am a yoga teacher and would like to migrate to Australia on a PR visa. I have got seven years of practice/experience as a Trainer and have got certified for international training.

Please let me know suitable options for me.


I have certain queries about migration to Australia:

1) Which visa subclass is more suitable for me 189 or 190 (in which class it is fast and easy to get visa) & how you will help in that as it involves lot of steps such as skill evaluation etc.

2) Is marriage registration certificate mandatory even if spouse name is endorsed on each other’s passport? if mandatory, can you help in getting the same?

Basically, I am working with a Japanese Automotive Company having plant in My role here is to manage production planning & control including supplier’s management, customer interaction for supply, new project management.

I have around 15.8 years’ experience in Indian Manufacturing Industry.

My basic Qualifications is Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Regular) (2001) followed by Bachelors in Industrial Engineering (Distance Learning) (2008) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Material Management (Distance Learning) (2011).


I would like to get in touch with Mr. Annathurai for my immigration needs. Please help me.


I am in IT profession for 20 years and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Currently I am working with Wipro in Kolkata. I have lived and worked in USA for 8 years, employed there with Verizon, the second largest telecom company in the world, and worked across the globe for many Fortune 100 clients in SOA and Digital technologies. I am interested in information on processing Australian Permanent Residency. Would be highly obliged if you can get back to me with information and process advisory.


We have come across your agency by going through your web page. I understand various stages in getting through the PR process.

Currently me and spouse are preparing for PTE examination and hopefully we are planning to appear within months’ time and parallel I need your suggestion to move forward.

When it will be, write time to go for ACS and further process since we are planning to write PTE mid/end of July?

Please find the below details of my spouse and mine and please let us know. whose profile will better for primary applicant. How much we need to score to get through invitation process from Australian government?

Qualification – B.E(Instrumentation and control Engineering, MBA (Supply chain)

Experience – I am working as SAP consultant in MNC till today.

Spouse Experience – Software Engineer – Java – Developer.

Please give us your expert advice.


I am in Indian citizen and I wanted to get my skill assessment done with the proper assessing authority (ACS) to initiate my VISA processing (General Skilled Migration). in that regard, I would much appreciate it if you can assist me with the formalities required and provide insight on how to get the most favourable points. At this stage I am looking only on getting my skill assessment completed. can you please advise on what will be your fees and other formalities on this?


Kindly let me know if I can qualify for Australia immigration.



Hi, I have applied for visiting visa month ago. Yesterday I received mail saying the visa has been refused. Is there any possibility that I can reapply now?


I am from Chennai, I am looking for an agent who can assist me with the Australian PR process. There are certain questions which needs some clarification

  1. I am mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience from a reputed automobile industry, but then I am not from a core design background. I am associated with product management/ product planning. my question is which occupation should I choose from the SOL.
  2. My wife is an IT profession with 3 years of experience from a reputed firm, should I give her as a primary applicant or should I process mine as primary applicant.

Kindly clarify.


I am looking for details about Australian Skilled Migration. Need to know my eligibility as well as your service charges for processing my application. I am sending my resume for evaluation. I need to include my wife as well as my son in the application.


I have 7 years of IT experience and currently working with Cognizant Technology solutions

I want to move Canada or Australia for Job purpose but not sure which country is better for Software Developer (Microsoft technologies).

I need your guidance for the above and process for it.

Please suggest the best option.


I am a father of ———-, who completed his BTech in CSE. He wants to go to Australia for Studies or on Australian PR. so I want to meet you personally regarding this. please let me suggest about Australian visas.


I would like to visit Australia during Aug-Sept to see my brother working there.

Kindly let me know the Visa details.


My wife and I are interested in applying for an Australian PR a currently talking to immigration to get an idea as to who would be able to help us best. I came across your website so am sending you this mail. Kindly call me so that we can discuss details


Hello, I am interested in student visa for Australia, so basically, I just moved to Ahmedabad from London yesterday.  My plan is to go to Australia and do my unit there on Australian student visa and study aerospace engineering. I have already considered several units. However, I would like to get further info perhaps while we meet in person.

I came across your website randomly and upon reading the testimonials, decided to contact you.
I am looking for help to file my permanent residency here in Australia. I live in Melbourne from the past 2 years- came here as a student and now working full time)

To start with, I would like to know what would be the cost involved starting from Skill assessment to filling my visa application (excluding the fixed costs i.e. VISA filing charges, health check etc.)

Let me know what would be the best time to call you.
Looking forward to your reply.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am from Shillong, Meghalaya, My fiancé is a permanent citizen of Australia, and I wish to apply for a visa (Application for migration to Australia by a partner Form 47 SP) to go to Australia.

I request you to kindly guide me and inform me the necessary procedure. I would appreciate your prompt response.


Hi Team,

I have overall 10 years of overall experience in the IT industry. Currently I am working in a US based MNC. I am a B Tech graduate. I am looking for Permanent Residence Visa to Australia and the process and other formalities related to it.

I am looking forward for your advice on the suitable PR visa for me. I can provide more information when you are contacting me.

My mobile number is on my signature



Dear Dr. Annathurai

Greetings with all the best wishes

Reference to my recent visit to your website https://www.visahelpaustralia.com.au.au

I would like to inform you that I need an agent to assist me, my wife and daughter to Move (Immigrate) from Sudan to Australia.

May I ask your assistance.

could you dear send to me the details about requirements and related information

Note that I am a Sudanese Nationality and live in Sudan

Looking to hear from you as soon as possible


I am ———– and complete my 4-year degree in food technology last year but due to backlogs I complete that this year, currently I am working as Lab Chemist in Amul Dairy and my skills come under CSOL do I need relevant work experience or I am able to apply for Australia PR without prior work experience. And if required work experience then how much work experience is good to make my file strong.

Can you help me to get the following information: My family PR visa was issued for five years? I got its extension that is returned to India and back to Australia through RRV. but due to family trouble I had returned in India at the end of 2015. My Resident Return Visa got expired in Sept’2016.I had studied PhD for the first two Semester at UNSW but not completed and my son studied year 9 and 10 then Ranswick Boys High School, UNSW. Now we are free from all trouble. Can it be possible to extend RRV now. for entry into Australia permanently.


I am from Bangladesh. I want to go Australia for a job by work permit visa. But I have no any experience. I am poor in English. Is there any possibility to go Australia for me?


I am writing this mail to enquire on the Migration process for Parents.

I am ———— and my husband is ———-. We have one child, —— who was a student of University of Melbourne from July 2015 to July 2017 and was on a valid Student permit.

In December 2016, my daughter married an Aussie Citizen of Indian Origin. She is currently on a bridging visa since her husband has applied for the Partner Visa. (801)

I am working in the IT Sector as a Banking Business Analyst by profession and am 47 years (DOB-06/11/1969). My husband is retired and is 53 years. He was earlier working in Dubai in the Printing field.

My son-in-law holds an Australian passport and works with Melbourne Health as a Mental Case Clinician and hold a permanent job. My daughter holds a permanent part-time job now that she is completing her studies.

Please let us know the process to be followed in case we as parents wish to apply for an Australian PR Visa. My husband and I currently live in Bangalore as I work there. We are originally from Chennai.


I would like to consult your agency for my Australian PR Visa process. Let me know how can you help with the process.

I would like to meet up tomorrow at your Hiranandani Powai office as I am in Mumbai currently.


I’m —————. I completed advance diploma in catering technology (2006) now days I’m working us a chef in Royal Caribbean cruise line (5years) I like to settle in abroad if you have any chances lets me know Thanking you


I am ——- I did my agricultural engineering from Punjab agricultural university currently I’m working in Chennai please let me know opportunities for working in abroad as agricultural engineering profession.


My name is ———. I am from Chennai and I have around 11 years of experience in IT field. I am 32 years old. I would like to know about Australia Immigration process. Could you please let me know a suitable time to call you to discuss further? You can reach me at ————— anytime.



I am looking for consultation for Australia PR. I have around 14+ years of experience in software industry mostly in telecom/network product validation. Currently I am senior manager in a start-up. I will like to assess my prospects for Australia PR, especially 189 visas.



Subject: ACS assessment process and documents consultation

Hi, I am planning to apply for Australian PR Visa currently in Sydney on work visa. I will be the primary applicant while my fiancé will be dependant hence would like to consult on the assessment n documentation process


Subject: Australia Immigration

Hello Sir,

My name is ———–. I’m currently working in Chennai for ———-India Pvt Ltd for the last 7 years as a design Engineer. I have completed my BE Mechanical in 2004 and completed my Masters from University of Technology, Sydney from 2006 to 2007. I’m married and blessed with a Boy who is 2 years old now.

I’m looking to Apply for Australia PR visa and currently looking at the best possible advice. My age is 35 now.

What would be the best time to apply and how to proceed with the further process. Looking forward to hearing from you back.


Hi Mr. Annadurai,

I have come across your name from various blogs and LinkedIn and found most reliable person to discuss regarding Immigration,

I want to migrate to Australia on Skilled Migration (189 or 190).

Please suggest me or guide the best way to achieve the same.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Hi Team,

Could you please let me know my eligibility to migrate to Australia and the fees and fund requirement for the same. I would also like to know about fee payment periods.


Dear sir,

This is ——– & I am an IT professional. I am interested in getting migrated to Australia. Request an appointment with you to discuss more about this.

Have attached my CV for your kind reference. Request you to provide your suitable date & time to meet you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


June Email Content (11.06.2017 to 17.06.2017)


I am —— currently studying Masters of Project Management in Australian National University, Canberra. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering and have 3-year work experience. I want to get my degree assessed and apply for a PR in Australia.

Thank you!



Hey there,

I, ——— is interested to move to Australia permanently and seeking advice and path way for the same. Let me know.

You can contact me on ——–

Sir, I’m ———– from Ernakulam Kerala, I would like to know about Australian migration process. I’m working as a cook with cruise line, and BHM graduate. I’m attached my resume with this mail and please make a look and hope will get a replay soon

Thank you & regards


Dear Sir

This is ———–, from Bangalore.  I am interested to Migrate to Australia in Skilled Technician Category.

My simple bio-data as below



Pre-University Passed in Madras University 1978

Skilled Artisan Training in HVF (1980 – 1983) 3 years (Ministry of Defence, Avadi – Chennai) Army Tank Manufacturing unit in Chennai.

worked in Chennai at a Small-scale industry 2 years as CNC machine programmer & operator (Cutting tool manufacturing company)

worked in Bangalore at a Medium Scale industry 5 years as CNC machine Programmer & operator (Tool & Die making Company)

worked in Singapore at ABB Vetco Gray 2 years as a Heavy-Duty CNC machine Operator (Oil Rigs Making company)

worked in Singapore at MEGA tools 2 years as CNC wire erosion Machine Programmer & Planner & Operator (High Precision Connector vendor to TYCO Connector)

Being a Managing Partner of a Small-Scale Industry Cosmos Tools in Bangalore 8 years (Running a Precision Tool Room with CNC wire edm & CNC machining centre)

Being a Proprietor of a Small-Scale Industry of Cosmos Teknik in Bangalore 12 years (Running a Job shop with CNC wire EDM precision manual machines)

Now the Job shop getting very less work load and we reduced manpower due to high competition among job shoppers. Thinking of winding the Business.

Thinking of migrating to Australia since 2016 due to much more skilled technicians are wanted in that country.

All along the past I was a CNC machines Programmer and operator even for my own business I hope I will get some opening in the same category.

Kindly let me know my chances of getting a Migration VISA in skilled Technician category or Business Migration category.

Kindly advise me in any of the category I can able to migrate, since I can’t sit idle.,

Thanking you, we remain


Dear Annadurai / Immigration Team

Greetings! Hope all is well at your end.

I came across your company profile through online and got interested in seeking your assistance to migrate & work in Australia.

Here’s my brief background:

  • Indian national with 18+ years of experience in IT. Currently working as Technology Director / Enterprise Architect for a MNC in Chennai.
  • Had lived in the US for 12+years (2000 – 2012), returned to Chennai on 2012.
  • Spouse is Ph.D. professional (computers), has 5 years of experience in R&D, Centre of Excellence, Teaching & Mentoring Master varsity students,
  • 1 Kid (Son is US-Citizen)
  • Have not taken any Skill Assessments or English Competency test.

Could you kindly guide me on the process.  Looking forward to receiving your response.  Thanks!


Hi Team

I am ———- from Thoraippakkam, Chennai.

I would like to apply for Australia PR subclass 189 or 190.

Please advise on getting started with it.


Hi Team,

I wanted some information regarding skill assessment for Australian PR. I had applied for ACS skill assessment but my application got rejected for the ANZSCO code I applied for. Could you please help me with choosing the right ANZSCO code for a positive result of my assessment?

Please reach out to me at ———– to discuss the same.



I am ———— and I completed my Bachelors from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Gandhinagar Gujarat.

As I am planning to migrate to Australia for my future opportunities hence I want to know all the process regarding Migration and What all documents I need

to keep ready for the process. I gave IELTS and my overall band score was 6.5. Could you provide me with the prices involved for the entire process?

Waiting For your reply



As I wanted to apply for immigration in Australia or New Zealand. I wanted to avail the Services concern. kindly guide in this regard



It’s me ——— who completed her bachelors and is working as a marketing analyst. I would like to inquire all the details about how I can apply for migration to Australia for future opportunities and I got 7 bands in IELTS.

waiting for a positive reply


Greeting of the day,

My name is ————. I am currently living and working in Auckland, New Zealand as a Warehouse Administrator. I am on work visa here.

I studied Level 7 Graduate Diploma in Operations and Production Management at Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.

I want to apply for direct Permanent Residency in the following countries: Canada, New Zealand, or Australia.

I need your help to understand the procedure and to know if it is possible for me successfully apply and get direct residency in any of these countries.

Hope to get your reply soon.



Would like to know if you could help with the process of Australia Partner Visa subclass 309subclass 100.

Would like to know;

  1. Fee that you may charge.
  2. Would I be assigned with an agent to assist with the process
  3. Would I be given an expert advice if there is some document that I could not provide.
  4. Support post the application is launched.



Greetings for the day!

I would like to enquire about Australia PR for myself and my husband.

We both are IT professionals based in Chennai and looking to migrate to Australia.

Kindly advise further steps and details that is required from my end.

Thanks, and Regards,



Kindly find the attached profile and help me understand the procedure to apply for work visa for Australia with the pay structure.

This is my husband’s profile.



Hi, I stay in Australia. I am a permanent resident here for 10 years I would like to call my parents and my brother to Melbourne. I am coming Hyderabad in few days I would like to know what are the documents required for visit visa for my parents as well as my brother which I should get from here in Melbourne. Waiting for your reply



Hi, I just have a quick question about anzsco 452411footballer occupation list. I get paid to play football and have for many years – but is there a difference between professional football and ” semi-professional” football. I am not in a league or anything but state league. I just can’t find the answer anywhere!



My name is —— and I am an Australian Permanent Resident who has been residing here for close to 4 years now. I am now looking to migrate my sister and her husband to Australia. I am not able to devote the time needed to handle the paperwork myself and therefore looking to engage the services of a knowledgeable and trustworthy consultant for the same.

My sister is 30 years old, Bachelor of Engineering who is presently working in Wipro in the capacity of a team lead. She has around 7 years of total IT work experience. Her husband also has same background and he too works for Wipro. I wanted to work out the most cost-efficient way to apply for PR for both. In my case 5 years ago, my husband was the primary applicant so that way we saved some cost. I am hoping you will be able to guide us on what is better now. Also, wanted an idea of your fees as we are working on a budget and conscious of costs. Please respond and let me know if you would be able to take up and guide them. They are based in Bangalore and will be filing all the paperwork from there. I am co ordinating this initially but later it will be mostly them.

Looking forward to hearing from you so that I can decide on the same.



Hi my names, ——. I’m currently in Australia on a work travel visa 457. I’m in full time work with a construction company as an excavator operator. The company is willing to sponsor me but haven’t done it before. Is there any information on the steps that need to be taken if it’s possible?

Kind regards


Hi Anna,

I would like to apply for the Australian PR. I am living in London right now and I will be back to Chennai in the next few months.

Please let me know the process details of what needs to be done.


Dear sir,
I have been working in occupations since last 16 years and want to migrate to Australia.
Presently I am 39 years of age.
Am eligible to migration.
Please advise.


My husband and I would like to try to immigrate to Australia. I’m not sure how to go about this, please do reply or get in touch with me on ————- as per your convenience.



I have applied for EOI’s under 190, 189 and 489 for the occupation under Computer Network and Systems Engineer – 263111.

I have received points for employment 15, Education 15, Age 5 and State nomination 5 it means for 190 visas – 65 points, 189 visas 60 points and 489 70 points.

What are my chances of getting an invitation for any state, I have mentioned state – ANY also applied individually. Refer the attached assessment results and PTE academic result for your reference.

Note: I have a ban till July 2017 (Refer the attachment).
Awaiting reply.


I would like to visit and enquire about skilled immigration to Australia.

I am from Pune. I did Bachelor of Engineering in computer science. Currently working in Accenture Pvt Ltd.

Attached my resume for the same.

Could you please give me a suitable time, most probably on Saturday or Sunday, to have a meeting.
Thank you.

Dear Consultant
I have a strange case regarding Australian PR application
Experience -15 ( Assessed by ACS-RPL, obviously education not assessed)
Education – 10 ( Mechanical diploma, points test as comparable to the educational
level of an AQF Diploma, by Vet assess points test advice only)
English-20 ( PTE-A)
Is it going to be a problem, due to diploma? Anybody experienced similar case, I am very curious!


Dear Sir,

I am searching for consultant for Australia Visa I got your website. I would like to know more details for the same. I would like to apply for independent subclass 189 visa. I am living in vapi. My wife completed M.sc in biomedical science (Microbiology) from U.K in 2009. I done my bachelor’s in medical laboratory technology.


Dear Sir,

Hi, we as a family are planning to migrate to Australia on subjected visa. Our resumes are as attached. Kindly advise the path forward.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



I am ——–. I am in the process of applying for Australian immigration. Would like to get in touch with you guys.

Tried calling on the contact number for Hyderabad, no response. Please contact me on the below number.


Dear sir,
My name is ——- am from Tamilnadu Kanyakumari district. I need to go to Australia to study English courses & I have completed diploma in EEE and I have 5.5 band in IELTS GENERAL TRAINING. it is possible to study any of Australian university. If am eligible to study in Australia please reply by mail or call me.

I’m ——— working in Infosys Mysore from past 14 years. I’ve done MS (Software Systems) from BITS Pilani and BE (Computer Science). Currently I am 37 years old. I’m planning to go to Australia and settle there with my family (wife – 33 years, son – 7 years and daughter – 1 year). Please let me know the process and procedure along with the full cost involved. Let me know if there are any additional services like job assistance etc as well.

I’m ——-. We are planning to migrate to Australia and seeking your help regarding the skilled migration visa process.


1) Husband- ——-,

Age – 34,

Qualification – B.E (Information Technology)

Years of expr – 12+

Selected Occupation – Software Engineer

Proficiency test   – Yet to take

2) Myself    – ——–

Age – 32

Qualification – B. Tech (Information Technology)

Years of expr – 11+

Selected Occupation – Software Engineer

Proficiency test   – Yet to take


June Email Content (04.06.2017 to 10.06.2017)

Dear Madam/Sir,

I would like to inform you that I found your website in the google search engine for the Australian immigration.

And I am looking the Skilled or Working visa in Australia Kindly advise me.

I hereby attached the My CV here. Kindly find it.

Thank you for your considerations.


I am planning to migrate to Australia. could u help me give more information regarding this.


This is ——- from ———. I have a few queries regarding Australian Skilled Migration Visa.

  1. Can I apply for Visa ———- without a — years’ work

experience? I have –years of work experience and already attain the required — points without the — years’ work experience.

  1. I had my salary paid in Cash for — year of my service. Hence, I do

not have any bank statements. Will only payslips do as an evidence of work?

  1. I was not entitled to Tax for my — years of work experience. Is it

mandatory to provide tax document?

All in all, I can show bank statements for — year, —— for — years for all my work experience.

Please suggest a way forward.


Dear Dr Anna,


I would like to introduce you as ——-, currently working with — in Chennai. My family and myself would like to apply for Australian PR.

I have attached my resume with this mail, ——- is also an — from —–.

We are basically from ——, now staying in ——.

With the —- general score given —– and resume, could you please let me know the eligibility to apply for PR and your fees also.

Do you have an office in Chennai? if please provide the address and contact person.

Any clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward,


Hi, how are you?

My name is ———- from ——. I am ——-.how can I migrate to Australia?


Hello Anna Sir,

I am a —-year old B E ——- from I have been to — to do my —— on an all India scholarship but the university shut down for international students when I was about to do my dissertation .It reopened after some time but by the time I was in ——- to meet someone for —.He had called me on a —- visa to ——.I ended up doing —- semester there and scoring ——-.After which I visited — for a month on vacation and to attend my —— wedding and in that period the —– called and cancelled our plans to ——.since —— when I came back from ——-,I have been with a small institute updating my skill set in IT and they have issued me a –year experience certificate with them, counting which my — experience would be around —plus years.

My friends here are advising me to apply for immigration. I have taken the general —– and scored — bands.

My sister made me take the academic —- in which I scored —again.

I have also written to my ——– to permit me to come and complete my —– but they are not only demanding —– from a ——- student but also being extremely difficult to communicate with. They have forcefully issued a —— for my —— credits of passed modules which I didn’t accept last year but this year when I told them to eventually send that to me, they said they would attach the original failed ——– transcript and mention it as an incomplete course. I am on my wits end as to how to deal with them

Meanwhile, my friends suggested me to apply for Australia immigration as it doesn’t matter if I have a ——-. I presume would be good enough.

I calculated my points and I think I am getting a ——-in the Australian points system.

Dear Dr Anna, kindly guide me as to what to do next and is Australian immigration the right choice?

Also, since you too have been a ———- winner could you guide me on this ——– university issue?


Good afternoon,

I am emailing you as I would apply for a ———- subclass 489 with the —— worker occupation (411713), but first I would ensure this is the right pathway for my case and be supported during the process.

I am currently in ———.

I hope your ca help me.

I leave you attached below my résumé, as it might help you have more information’s for my case.

Thank you for your time


Hi Team,

Could you please let me know the eligibility criteria for Australian Visa for subclass 189?



Your website stood out when I am researching about the Australian Immigration Process.

I would like to apply for the PR, I am from ——- & currently I am working in ———-.

I am an —————– Engineer.

Kindly explain me about your procedure of assisting me to get the PR.

Waiting for your response.


Dear Sir,

I am an ——, —–, having experience of — years in industry, age — years, IELTS overall score —.

I need to apply for an Australian PR Visa. How can you help


Hi Team,

I’m looking for Australia PR, can you please assist on this. Thanks.



Dear Team,

This is ——-, I just came across with your website and seems you have good reputation.

I would like to inquire about Australian PR Visa process, fee structure and how long it will take.


This is ——-. My husband is planning to apply for the Australian PR Visa 189. Can you please guide us with it and can u please mention the charges? Please note me. Contact details.


My name is ———-. I have completed my —— and for past — months I have been working with —- as a —— (One role below ——). I was exploring the possibility of migrating to Australia through permanent residency as my sister is already living in ——-. I had applied for skill assessment –months back however it got rejected as they asked for — years of experience (Mainly because I have done my ———- and been working in the ———). However, I would really appreciate if you could find a way for me to migrate quicker than that. Couple of months back I wrote ——– and scored —— out of —. I have attached my CV for your reference. Also, I work at —– —- near ——– road but would not mind coming to ———- to discuss this matter in detail. I will be waiting for your response.


Dear Anna,

Let me introduce myself, I’m ——–, working as —– in ——, Presently working in ——. I was in — worked as a —- period of — years under ———- Recently I have an opportunity to get a job in ——. Well known ——sponsor he is ready to sponsor for me. So, I have employer ready to sponsor and he is willing to submit all relevant   document for employer nomination visa. Now I’m looking for a reputed honest immigration agent for skilled labour work visa proses.

So please let me know what are the documentation required for ——-(——)? and how long it take to get result from assessment   assign authority? Still the occupation list included my profession. What is your processing fees for an Australian PR Visa?


Dear sir,

I would like to consult you for legal process of migrating to Australia with an Australian PR Visa. Kindly reply asap.


Dear Sir/Ma’am

As you are a consultancy agent for Australian PR Visa, I would like to enquire a few things from you regarding the same. I am an —– citizen and would wish to apply for Partner Visa 309 for Australia as my fiancé is an ——- Citizen. Can you please provide me some information about how one needs to apply for the same?

Kindly provide me your contact details for the same.

A quick response will be much appreciated.



Could you please help me with the information regarding Australian PR Visa?


Hello sir, this is ——. from Pondicherry, This is my email id. I want to know about the opportunities available abroad. For contacting me, I have sent my mobile number:



I’m interested in the visa subclass 476, I recently graduated from ——-university with a being. Do I need masters to be qualified for this degree or not?


Looking forward to your guidance to get me Australia PR. I want to know the requirements and formalities for the same.


I am looking to migrate to Australia or Canada and would like some information &help.


This is ———–. I am a ——— Engineer. I am interested to settle in Australia. I am done with – and — exam. I applied for EOI after securing —- points in ———. I didn’t get invitation. Is it possible to get invitation with — points? If so please help me with your inputs.


Subject: Regarding Australian PR Visa

I would like to apply for an Australian PR Visa.

I have — years of IT experience and my highest qualification is ———-


Dear Sir,

I am planning to apply for the Australian PR visa and am seeking your advice on the same. I am providing my details to you for your perusal

According to my findings, my total Points score is —–currently.

I would like to apply for either 189, or 190 in —– specifically. However, I realize that both these options are quite daunting. Firstly, the cut-offs for 189 in my field have been high in recent pools. For April, it was —–. Secondly, for 190, —- does not support job nominations in my field of work. However, they are expected to open in —-.

It would be very kind of you to go through my profile and suggest some realistic options.

Kindly find my resume attached with the email and let me know if any further information is required.

Looking forward to an encouraging response.
Best regards,