Australian Immigration Consultant in Chennai

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Australian Immigration Consultant in Chennai:

  • Skilled Migration Consultants Pvt Ltd is a leading Australian immigration consultancy registered in India, providing Australian immigration and visa services.
  • Visa Help Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising on Australian visas and immigration services.
  • Through these companies, we have helped hundreds of people to migrate and travel to Australia.
  • Whether you are looking for an Australia visa to migrate or you need to apply for an Australian visa for your partner or parents, you can be confident that Skilled Migration Consultants and Visa Help Australia have the experience and services to make the process as easy as possible.
  • Our comprehensive visa and immigration services include immigration advice from registered migration agents, an exceptional success rate, document checking and visa processing. Please visit our testimonials

Are you looking for a trusted Australian Immigration Consultant in Chennai to migrate to Australia?

Would you like to use a MARA registered visa consultant/immigration agent for Australia?

Immigration to Australia from India can be simple and straight forward if you use a trusted, honest and experienced MARA registered Australian migration Agent.

A registered Australian immigration agent or visa consultant is someone registered with the Australian Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA) who can provide Australian immigration and visa advice and assistance on visa requirements, help lodge a Australia visa application and deal with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf.

You do not need to use a immigration agent/visa consultant for Australia to apply for any Australian visa. However, if you choose to use an Australian immigration agent/visa consultant, you should use a registered migration agent for Australia. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends that you use a registered Australian migration agent if you would like to apply for an Australian Visa.

In Australia, all Australia migration agents/immigration agents/visa consultants must be registered with the Office of the MARA. Using an Australian registered migration agent will give you protection as they are aware of current laws and procedures to give correct advice and Australian visa assistance.

Australian Immigration Consultant in Chennai:

Our Australian immigration Consultant in Chennai can help you to achieve your Australian Migration ambition. Please see our testimonials page.

Skilled Migration Consultants Pvt Ltd:

Australian Immigration Consultant in Chennai

Shyamala Gardens

Level 3, Shyamala Towers

No.136, Arcot Road, Saligramam,

Chennai – 600 093, Tamil Nadu,


We prefer you to contact us by email in the first instance: EMAIL: 

[email protected]

However, you can call any one of these phone numbers below to get in touch with us. Please give your email address and so that our Australian immigration agent/Australian visa consultant can contact you by email to give you further information regarding Australian immigration process. We follow a short-listing process:

Australian Immigration Consultant in Puducherry (Pondicherry): +91-413-2250462

Australian Immigration Consultant in Bangalore: +91-75983 38336

Australian Immigration Consultant in Chennai : +91-75983 38336

Australian Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad: +91-75983 38336

Australian Immigration Consultant in Cochin: +91-484-238 8054

Australian Immigration Consultant in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh: +918300628336

Australian Immigration Consultant in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Kolkata: +918300628336

 *Please note: Dr. Anna, who is based in Australia, will be the registered migration consultant, who will guide you through the Australian Visa process. We do not offer any immigration consultation in India. Our offices in India act only as our contact centers. You will be dealing with Dr. Anna from the beginning to the end, once you become our client.

Testimonials – Australian Immigration Consultant in Chennai:

“You don’t have to look anywhere when you have got a honest, dedicated, guiding and a patient professional to ensure your dreams come true” 

“From the initial stage when we started the process till we heard our dream coming true, Anna has not been a third person and we never felt inhibited to contact him on whatever means available to get answers to our queries.

He has a real sense of the facts and realities accompanying the PR process and satisfies all queries including irrelevant ones without any fuss. The last sentences in his every mail/voice/message are always “Please contact me if you have any doubts” and he means every word of it.

I have come across very few who empathize on the situation you are in and he was there for us on every step of the process in spite of his personal hardships. He successfully hand-held us overcome the hurdles and reach our aim. 

Most importantly you wouldn’t feel this is a done & dusted relationship but a relationship you would wish to hold on even after the dream has come true.

Thanks Anna for all those efforts which you put in and we are grateful for having you crossed our roads in our life journey.

(Note: This is not just for the sake of writing, both of us mean every word of it, especially during the last stages, we never had a doubt that you would leave our hand. Thanks for patiently replying to all those queries we had. We will keep in touch with you.)”

Venkatesh, India – Subclass 189 Visa – Skilled Independent visa – 13 March 2017


“I got my Australian PR in just flat four months, that speaks volume of the commitment from Anna.”

“Three qualities I always wanted when I was looking for a consultant, who can assist me on my Australia PR journey:

  1. Approachable
  2. Knowledgeable, and
  3. Reliable

I found these three qualities in Anna:

  1. He is approachable by phone, email and WhatsApp.
  2. He has very high knowledge on Australian visa rules, regulations, and compliance.
  3. Anna is reliable, you can say this after the very first screening call with him. The way he narrates the pros and cons of the application is noteworthy.

I got my Australian PR in just flat four months, that speaks volume of the commitment from Anna.

Anna, thanks for being part of my life and please don’t mind if I bug you for knowing more about Australia :).

Manikanth, India – Subclass 189 visa – 03 March 2017


“If simple, honest, and personalized service is what you are looking for then you need to look no further than Dr. Anna as your migration specialist.”

“We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Dr. Anna now that our much-awaited dream of holding an Australian PR visa and re-location to Australia has come true.

We cannot express in words how delighted we are with the friendly, yet highly professional assistance we received from him. He has extensive knowledge in the field of Australian immigration law. To begin with, he gave us a complete understanding into the entire process, the documentation and timelines, so we were fully aware of the process right from the start. He was very prompt while addressing each and every issue of ours and gave us his frank opinion. We were relaxed throughout this stressful process, thanks to Anna.

If simple, honest, and personalized service is what you are looking for then you need to look no further than Dr. Anna as your migration specialist. We have already suggested his services to a couple of friends and we strongly recommend him to anyone who needs support and guidance in getting an Australian visa.”

Alan & Andrea, Mumbai, India- Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent Visa-31st January 2017


“A Perfect gentleman and very professional. And by the time the process is over, from a stranger, he will become your friend and the one who changed your life forever in a positive way.”

“Anna is a thorough professional. Right from the day I mailed him for the first time asking for the procedures, his responses were to the point and very clear.

He goes about the whole process very methodically, be it in terms of timelines, fees or prompt response. You can trust him with all your details and take his personal opinion as a friend. Not once, I got a mail from DIBP/IMMI asking me for additional documents or clarifications on documents that I submitted, thanks to Anna for the way he has reviewed the documents to perfection and submitted them. He doesn’t usually takes cases if he believes you are not an ideal candidate for clearing the whole process; he tells you up-front if you are an eligible candidate and once he believes that you can clear all stages of the process, if not always, more often than not you will get it. You just need be prompt in responding to his mails and give an ear to his advice; he will take care of the rest for you. A Perfect gentleman and very professional. And by the time the process is over, from a stranger, he will become your friend and the one who changed your life forever in a positive way.

I highly recommend his services for prospective PR aspirants. Meet you all in Australia.”

Sribalaji, Chennai – Australian PR VISA – Subclass 189 – 28 May 2016

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