Top 5 mistakes applicants make when applying for the VETASSESS Skills Assessment

You are a Professional, have made the big decision to migrate to Australia and have found out you need a VETASSESS skills assessment before you can proceed with a visa application. You are now asking yourself what is a skills assessment and what is VETASSESS?

The VETASSESS website tells you that their service assesses your qualifications to see if they are comparable to the equivalent qualification in Australia. Here, VETASSESS is mainly discussing a bachelor degree qualification and any subsequent post-graduate qualifications. Further, VETASSESS will assess your post-Bachelor degree work experience for relevancy to your nominated occupation and provide a determination of your qualified work experience. The Department of Home Affairs will use this skills assessment to assess the points given for qualifications and relevant work experience.

You then decide that the rest of the VETASSESS website is pretty overwhelming! We agree. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 5 mistakes applicants make and how you can avoid them so that your skills assessment comes back positive and maximises the qualification and work experience points you are eligible for.

1. Being too modest in your CV/Resume!

VETASSESS can only assess your qualifications and work experience if there is enough detail there to assess! This is your time to shine and really promote yourself! Your CV/Resume AND Work reference statements need to have a lot of description about your duties and these descriptions need to be very closely matched to the ANZSCO duties for the occupation…but not exactly the wording in ANZSCO. It is a very fine balancing act and if you are not sure what ANZSCO is or how VETASSESS and the Department of Home Affairs use it, are you sure you are presenting your CV/Resume in the best way for the skills assessment and visa application?

2. Getting your employer to prepare the work statement

Like the CV/Resume, getting the right amount of detail right is key. VETASSESS and the Department of Home Affairs are looking for some core features to appear in these letters. A simple Employment Reference that states you worked for XX company for 5 years in XX role that the HR Manager prepared on his/her lunch break will not get you a positive skills assessment.

You will need to prepare a draft letter for the employer to sign on company letterhead again making sure that there is sufficient detail and overlap with the ANZSCO occupation information to really highlight your relevant work experience to maximise points here.

Unfortunately, a ‘cut and paste’ from the ANZSCO occupation listed duties will also get you a refusal. The employment statement must be tailored to your role! What a lot of detail to juggle!

3. Inconsistent details

VETASSESS are very focussed on the detail. Are you? If dates, names and places, etc., are not consistent across your document evidence, this could be an issue for your skills assessment. If you are a ‘big picture’ kind of person or do not have enough time to invest to really get into the detail, this could be an issue for your skill assessment in Australia and subsequent visa application.

4. Not submitting all of your work experience or the wrong experience

The aim here is to maximise your claimable points for relevant work experience. Do you have hidden work experience that might work in your favour here? Paid work that is greater than 20 hours per week can be used! For certain occupations, paid PhD research may even be counted!

Conversely, irrelevant work experience, like experience before your Bachelor degree was officially completed, unpaid or volunteer work or work less than 20 hours per week are not going to be assessed.

Be sure you are including all of the right experience to gain maximum points!

5. Not enough evidence

If you only put in blurry degree certificates and the first page of your employment contract from 2013, your skills assessment will be refused. You need to go one step further and really show that the work was paid for the duration of your employment. International documents can be really difficult to compare to Australian standard documents and sometimes there might not be equivalent documents (for instance, payslips). You need to provide as much evidence to show that you were paid for the work as possible.

The evidence needs to be complete, targeted and consistent to gain the most points.

Maximum points are the aim here as invitations to make a points-tested visa application are given to applicants with the highest points first. VETASSESS do offer a single 30-minute phone consultation service and document checking service but these come with some pretty high fees AND VETASSESS does not provide advice regarding the content relevance of your documents!! VETASSESS will only tell you “whether you have provided a sufficient number and type of documentation in order to complete a formal skills assessment”!! Using the VETASSESS service, you will still need to prepare, collate, review and submit all the documents yourself.

If all of this sounds daunting and high stakes, it is. Visa Help Australia can help you through this process and we CAN provide advice regarding the content relevance of your documents! We will assist you to make your qualifications and work experience really shine to increase your chances to gain a positive skills assessment for your occupation and maximum points, reducing your time and effort in the process. Oh, and there is no 30-minute time limit on our interactions with you; we are prepared to partner with you to get the application and supporting documents just right without a time limit.

Where can I get further information?

You can get further information from the VETASSESS website or from our websites:


www.visahelpaustralia.com.au or


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