Australian Immigration Doctors In Indonesia

Australian Immigration Doctors In Indonesia


BIMC Hospital

Medical and Radiology examinations

Street address

Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai 100X
Kuta 80361


+62 361 761 263


+62 361 764 345

Additional information

Dr AA Istri Triari Laksmi (female)
Dr Ni Gusti Ayu Putri Sadyarini (female)


RS Premier Bintaro Hospital

Medical and Radiology examinations

Street address

JI M.H Thamrin B3 No.1
Sektor 7 Bintaro Jaya
Tangerang, Banten 15224


+62 21 745 5500
+62 21 745 5600
+62 21 745 5700


+62 21 276 25502

Additional information

Dr Erlynda Taufik (female)
Dr Nathalia Wusis (female)
Dr Rahayu Budi Mulyati (female)

RS Premier Jatinegara Hospital

Medical and Radiology examinations

Street address

Jalan Raya Jatinegara Timur No. 85-87
Jakarta 13310


+62 21 280 0888 ext 7890


+62 21 280 0755

Additional information

Dr Wiewik Setiawati Yussuwarto Djuhadi (female)
Dr Jenly Hausjah (female)
Dr Mety Kartawidojo (female)
Dr Vanda Sitompul (female)


Pramita Laboratory and Diagnostic Clinic

Medical and Radiology examinations

Street address

P Diponegoro 37
Medan North Sumatra 20152


+62 61 452 5925


+62 61 452 4992

Electronic contact


Additional information

Dr Hartono Taslim (male)


St Elisabeth Hospital

Medical and Radiology examinations

Street address

Jalan Kawi No. 1
Semarang 472056


+62 24 831 0076 ext 7646
+62 24 831 0076 ext 7643


+62 24 841 3373

Additional information

Dr Inge Hartini (female)
Dr Dewi Kusuma Wati (female)


Siloam Hospitals Makassar

Medical and Radiology examinations

Street address

6 JI Metro Tanjung Bunga
South Sulawesi


+62 0411 3662 900


+62 411 859 545

Additional information

Dr Elya (female)
Dr Johanes Setiawan (male)


RS Premier Surabaya

Medical and Radiology examinations

Street address

Jalan Nginden Intan Barat
Block B
Surabaya 60118


+62 31 599 3211


+62 31 599 3214

Additional information

Dr Luiz Lumanau (male)
Dr Victoria Kusumo (female)
Dr Rosalyn Devina Santoso (female)


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